18 March 2006

This is the great thing about the law enforcement business: it's not as glamorous as many people think, but there is still always the possibility that you'll come to work and star in your own real-life Dadaist masterpiece.

Then again, this might happen.

Ofc. Krupke at 8:34 AM
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16 March 2006

Tonight, I was working an off-duty job, guarding a building full of antiques. The still of the night was broken by the police radio, which dispatched one of the downtown units to a call from the management of a parking facility of some sort, in reference to a couple having sex in a parked car.

That wasn't the way it was described, of course. Although the South is not nearly as straitlaced as both it and its detractors typically insist, every now and then the Bible Belt tendencies will surface. The dispatcher put it, "in reference to a couple in a vehicle, having relations."

Whether the responding officer legitimately missed it, or whether he was having a little fun on a slow night, I don't know, but he responded, "What were these parties doing in the car?" Following an uncomfortable silence, the dispatcher replied in a quiet but deliberate voice, "Having relations."

The dispatched officer rolled to the call, followed by his backup. She was the one who cleared the call: "Parties were advised to get a room. All units back in service."

Another ember of social disorder quenched.