20 April 2005

Via the "Style" section of the Washington Post, we see that some pompous Euro designer has finally come up with some avant-garde furniture that I might actually consent to have in my home: gold plated gun replica lamps.

Naturally, the designer, Philippe Starck, thinks he's making some Big Important Artistic Statement about violence, as though the reason people have been killing each other all over the globe since time immemorial is the lack of sufficiently provocative lighting fixtures.

"Why doesn't furniture show that everything is a political choice?" says Starck, who outfitted his gun lamps with black shades lined with crosses. "I am a designer and design is my only weapon, so I use it to speak about what I think is important."

Whatever, pal, I'll take two for the playroom.

I'm actually serious about looking at some of these when they become commercially available, unless of course the cost is prohibitive to my civil service salary. Maybe I could write the artist and suggest that cutting the price would help spread his Important Statement far and wide. It's worth a try.

The theme at this year's Milan International Furniture Fair: "The Tao of Tony Montana".

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13 April 2005

Joseph Wilson, call your office.