22 February 2005


Analogcabin: The Right is commencing an offensive standdown for a while as I burn off some of my ill-gotten vacation days.

Please, try to contain your disappointment.

This morning as I got to Devil's Island, the guys from the previous shift were out with a disabled 70s-vintage pickup truck. The owner had run out of gas and left the truck sitting there. We were going to call a tow truck for it, but were hampered by the fact that he had thoughtfully left his largish rottweiler on the front seat.

I thought, "I really need to get out of here for a while."

Anyway, to hold this space while I'm gone, a recent picture of the street-legal M4, a work in progress:

See you when I see you. Stay out of trouble.

Ofc. Krupke at 5:44 PM
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17 February 2005

Today one of our supervisors passed the word that the proprietors of a storage facility in Devil's Island proper had called to request increased police patrols for their gravel drive. They asked because someone has apparently been going in there late at night and doing donuts in the driveway, digging ruts in the gravel.

So, um, I guess I better stop doing that.