31 August 2004

Protest Warrior is a group dedicated to infiltrating antiwar demonstrations and conducting a little subversive street theater, from a conservative perspective. They recently took their antics to the Republican convention in New York. What happens when you tweak marchers committed to peace and nonviolence?

You get roughed up, of course. You can download video here.

During the march, a group of guys in black shirts confronted the Warriors, shoved one, and tried to tear down their signs, accusing them of being "fascists". Reports of the demise of irony have been greatly exaggerated.

Ofc. Krupke at 12:23 PM
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26 August 2004

As evidence of how being a cop changes your life, I offer a summary of a conversation I had on a recent evening:

KRUPKE PAL: So, you guys wanna go to Popular Nightspot?
KRUPKE: I can't. I'm strapped.
KRUPKE PAL: Well, I can loan you some money...
KRUPKE: No, I mean I'm carrying a gun.
KRUPKE PAL: I believe the proper term is "I'm packing".
KRUPKE: Whatever.